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    Many song samples are taken from: 
    Jimmy K Polkas Website
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    Pick the Song of the Year 2018

    Title:   "The Girl Who Invented Kissing"       Artist: Kevin Adams

    Click Here
    Taken from Jimmy K Polkas


    Title:  "Be My Lady"                                 Artist: Box On

    Click Here
    The Box On's Website- No sample


    Title:  "Here's A Gift"                             Artist: IPA Tribute Band

    Click Here
    Taken from the IPA Webpage


    Title:   "How Do You Like Me Now"         Artist: Polka Country Musicians 

    Click Here
    The Polka Country Musicians Website- No sample


    Title:  "Pije Kuba"                                     Artist: Rich Bobinski Orchestra

    Click Here
    Taken from Jimmy K Polkas


    Title:  "Reading Polka"                          Artist: Trent Urbyte's The Polka Riot

    Click Here
    Taken from Polka Riot Youtube Page