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USPA Pro-Am Jam 2018

Pro-Am Jam at the 2018 USPA Festival

Are you a young musician or do you know a young musician?  Once again the United States Polka Association will be hosting a PRO-AM Jam featuring young musicians along with Maestro's from the polka field to perform for a live show on Sunday from 12:30 (immediately following the Polka Mass) at the USPA Festival. 

This event again provides an opportunity for young musicians at any level to participate in a jam session and to receive some mentoring from some of the great pros in the polka field.  The event is informal and a great opportunity for a young musician to have fun playing polkas with other young musicians as well as the many experienced musicians as well.

The “Pro-Am Jam” will happen at 12:30 p.m. (immediately following the Polka Mass) on Sunday, May 27, 2018 in the lounge at the USPA Festival.  There will be an opportunity to run through some songs during the weekend and get a little mentoring from the pros.  After the jam session, there will be a free pizza party for the youth who participate.
If interested, please contact Randy Koslosky at 412-798-1342 or rkoslosky@gmail.com.