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2019 U.S.P.A Nominees


Saturday, May 23, 2020
@ 2pm EST

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Winners will be announced. 

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The ones listed were the top
three vote getters.

Congratulations to the 2019 U.S.P.A.
Polka Music Award Nominees! 

The Award Nominees
are as follows:
The Boys
John Gora & Gorale
*Polka Country Musicians
Two Nominees are tied!!
Mike Costa- The Beat
Richie Dombrowski - PCM
*John Gora- John Gora & Gorale
Frank Liszka- The Boys
Victoria Koslosky- The Kosmix
Laura Mateja – IPA Tribute Band
*Stacey Morris-Nutones
"Don't Think Twice"- Artist The Boys
"Sing And Dance"- Artist Wally Dombrowski
* "Walentyna"- Artist John Gora & Gorale

"Boys' Stories"- The Boys

* "My Polish Roots & Beyond"- John Gora & Gorale

"Revisited"- Wally Dombrowski

Emma Bogdon "Polka Lovin' Girl"
Kenny Olowin "Hot American Polkas"
*Mark & Cherie Trzepacz-“TGIFriday Show”
 Victoria Koslosky from PA

Deceased – Ed & Nina March

Living Category –  Eddie Ostry

Thanks to all who participated. 
The United States Polka Association will announce the 2019 Polka Music Award winners on Saturday, May 23 @ 2pm EST.  The U.S.P.A. will be doing a live feed on U.S.P.A. Facebook and will be announcing the winners. 
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