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The United States Polka Association has announced its nominees

for the 2018 Polka Music Awards.  The awards will be

presented on May 25, 2019 at the annual Convention & Festival,

to be held at the Holiday Inn Independence in Cleveland, OH. 

The awards nominees are as follows:


The ones listed were the top three vote getters. 

Winners will be announced at the banquet.

Congratulations to the 2018 USPA Polka Music Award Nominees!
The Project
Polka Country Musicians
Wally Dombrowski - PCM
Andy Bojczuk-The Knewz
Lenny Gomulka-Chicago Push
Laura Mateja – IPA Tribute Band
Stacey Morris-Nutones
Mollie Busta-Lange-Squeezbox
"Yermazah/Hold Me Tight"- Artist The Project

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Taken from Jimmy K Polkas
"That’s Christmas To Me"- Artist The Knewz

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The Knewz's Website-No sample
"Dance All Night"- Artist DynaBrass

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Taken from Jimmy K Polkas

"1ST. & Ten"-The Project

"Dance All Night"-DynaBrass

"Holidayz"-The Knewz

Kenny Olowin "Hot American Polkas"
Todd Zaganiacz
“That 70’s Show” & “Totally 80’s”
Mark & Cherie Trzepacz-“TGIFriday Show”
Joseph Heger from Wisconsin

Deceased – Stas Bulanda

Living Category – Ray Jarusinski (Ray J) 

Thanks to all members who participated.  Join in the fun and 
make reservations to attend our Awards Banquet on Saturday, May 25, 2019 
to congratulate these nominees and find out who wins the award.
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*Banquet Tickets Deadline: May 15, 2019 - No Refunds
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