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When addresses are prov​ided, we include them.

Happy Easter Wesolego Alleluja!

Sat 1- TKO, Time 7-10pm, Albert Fire Hall Emigsville, PA

         - The Traveling Musicians, Time 6:30-10:30pm, Pulaski Hall, Duncan, NE

Sun 2- Mon Valley Push, Time 2-6pm, Yukon Slovenian Hall, Yukon, PA

          - Tony's Polka Band, Time 2-6pm, Palm Sunday Dance, Knights of Columbus,

           Saratoga Springs, NY

          - The Traveling Musicians, Time 2-6pm, DeNiles, 413 Willard Ave., Genoa, NE

Thur 6- Special Delivery, Time 3-6pm, Holy Thursday, Broadway Market, Buffalo, NY

Sun 9- Happy Easter-- Wesolego Alleluja!!

          - The Boys, Time TBD, Pre-Dyngus Polka Celebration, Potts Deli, Buffalo, NY

Mon 10- Dyngus Day-- Happy Wet Monday!!

          - The Boys, Time 4-9pm, Sto Lat Bar and Simply  Pierogi Restaurant, Buffalo, NY

           - DVSTA Polka Band, Time 2-8pm, Dyngus Day Celebration, ZB Falcons,

             323 Sheridan St., South Bend, IN

          - John Gora, Polka Country Musicians, & Piatkowski Brothers, Time noon-10pm,

            Dyngus Day Celebration, St. Stanislaus Social Center, 389 Peckham St., Buffalo, NY

         - John Stevens Polka Band, Time 1pm, Potts Banquets, Cheektowaga, NY

         - Joe Stanky & the Cadets, Time 5-8pm, Dyngus Day Dance, VFW, Dupont, PA

        - Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push, Time 6-10pm, Pubski's, 2437 William St.

          Cheektowaga, NY

       - Mon Valley Push, Time 1-4pm, Broadway Market, Buffalo, NY

       - Mon Valley Push, Time 6-9pm, Corpus Christi Church, Buffalo, NY

       - Special Delivery Band, Time Polka Mass 11:30, St. Gabriel's RC Church, Elma, NY

       - Special Delivery Band, Time 1:30-5:30pm, Polish Falcons, Depew, NY

       - Special Delivery Band, Time 7-10pm, Buffalo Distilling, Buffalo, NY

       - New Direction Polka Band, Time 12:30-3pm, St. Gabriel's Parish, Elma, NY

       - TKO, Time 6:30pm, Dyngus Day Celebration, Washington DC

       - Tony's Polka Band, Time 3-9pm, Dyngus Day Party, St. Gabriel's Church, Elma, NY

       - Polka Express, Time 6-9pm, Donohue's Pub, 33rd & L  Omaha, NE

      - Polka Generations Band,Time 5-8pm, St. Petersburg Polish American Society,

        St. Petersburg, FL

      - The E-Z Tones Polka Band, Time4-8pm, American Legion Post #284, 23571 Grant Rd.,

         South Bend, IN

      - The Varitones Band, Time 6-9pm, The Pulaski Club, 4331 E. McDowell Rd,

         Phoenix, AZ

      - Tony Blazonczyk's New Phaze, Time 9am-1pm, Crumstown Conservation

        Club, 59440 Crumstown Hwy, North Liberty, IN

      - John Stevens & The Docenko Brother's, Time 3-9pm, Morluski's, 10678 Main St.,

        Clarence, NY


      - Dave Gawronski, Time 5-8pm, The Happy Swallow, 1349 Sycamore, Buffalo, NY

      - Jimmy Sturr Orchestra & Kielbasa Kings, Time 12-11pm, Pussy Willow Park,

        111 Memorial Drive, Buffalo, NY

      - Tom Mroczka & Music Box, Time 1pm, Polish Cadets, 927 Grant Street, Buffalo, NY

      - Buffalo Touch, Time 1-5pm, Pubski Pub, 2437 William St. Cheektowaga, NY

      - New Direction, Time 5-9pm, Buffalo Airport Hotel, 4600 Genesee St. Cheektowaga, NY

      - Seven Polka Band, Time 4pm, Diamond Hawk Golf Club, 255 Sonwil Dr.

        Cheektowaga, NY

       - The Sensational Boys, Time Noon, Diamond Hawk Golf Club, 255 Sonwil Dr.

         Cheektowaga, NY

13 - 16- Holy Toledo Polka Days, Many Bands, Toledo, OH

14 - 16 Villa Roma Polka Weekend, Villa Roma Resort, Many Bands, Catskills, PA

Fri 14- Mon Valley Push, Time 8-12am, AmVets, Hopwood, PA

Sat 15- The Florida Honky Polka Band, Time 2pm, American Legion Post 303 Annual

             Pirucki Dyngus Dance, Bonita Springs, FL

Sun 16- Cynor Classics Polka Band, Time 1:30-5:30pm, Bottoms Up Bar, Jump River, WI

           - Dennis Polisky's & the Maestro's Men, Time 2:30-6:30pm, PACC, Ludlow, MA

          - Polka Country Musicians, Time 2-6pm, Kinloch Firehall, New Kensington, PA

Wed 19- Special Delivery Band, Time 7:30pm, Buffalo Polka Boosters Meeting,

               Polish Falcons, Depew, NY

21 - 23- Chula Vista Resort Festival, Many Bands, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Sat 22- DVSTA Polka Band, Time 6-10pm, CPA- Spring Dance, Holy Spirit Party Center,

             5500 W 54 St., Cleveland, OH

Sun 23- Florida Generations Polka Band, Time 2-6pm, Pot Luck Dinner and Dance,

             Polish American Club, St. Pete, FL

           - John Stevens Polka Band, Time 2pm, Polka Sunday, VFW, Dupont, PA

           - Tony's Polka Band, Time 3-7pm, Roselawn Ballroom, New York Mills, NY

           - The New Generation, Time 2-6pm, Spring Fling Dance, PRCUA Banquet Hall,

             Wyandotte, MI

Sat 29- The Boys and John Gora, Time 6pm, PRCU Hall, Wyandotte, MI

          - Cynor Classics Polka Band, Time 1:30-5:30pm, Jump River Spring Polka Dance,

            Jump River, WI

           - Jimmy Sturr, Joe Stanky & the Cadets and John Stanky & the Coalminers, Time 4-8pm,

             PA Polka Festival Genetti's Ballroom, Wilkes Barre, PA

Sun 30- The Boys, Time 2pm, Holy Spirit Party Center, Parma, OH


           - Live Wire, Time 1-5pm, MPA Dance, Murzyn Hall, Cloumbia Heights, MN

            - John Gora, Time 3-7pm, Yukon Slovenian Hall, Yukon, PA

           - Polka Family Band, Time 2pm, Polish Constitution Day & Cinco De Mayo,

             Royalty West Banquets, Willow Springs, IL

           - The Traveling Musicians, Time 12-3pm, St. Joseph's Catholic Church, 155 A St.,

             Platte Center, NE

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