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U.S.P.A Band Schedule

         Bands/Times Subject to Change





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Lounge: 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Free Admission

Music by:

Jack Beachley's Jam Band

Trivia Contest in Lounge:  One round after the band's 2nd set


Lounge: Noon-4:00pm Stacey Morris & The NuTones

           (Free Admission)

Ballroom Admission $25

6:00-6:45pm Maestro's Men

6:45pm Presentation of Flags by Color Guard

7:00-7:45pm Crusade

7:45-8:30pm DynaBrass

8:30-9:15pm Maestro's Men

9:15-10:00pm Crusade

10:00-10:45pm DynaBrass

10:45-11:30pm Maestro's Men

11:30-12:15am Crusade

12:15-1:00am DynaBrass


9:30am- Noon U.S.P.A Music Awards Banquet

               Reservation Only..

Lounge: 12:30-3:30 pm Jodie Maddie's Uptown Sound

                        Free Admission

Ballroom- Admission $25

4:00-5:00pm New Generation

5:00-6:00pm Frankie Liszka's Blue Magic

6:00-7:00pm The Beat

7:00-8:00pm New Generation

8:00-9:00pm Frankie Liszka's Blue Magic

9:00-10:00pm The Beat

10:00-11:00pm New Generation

11:00-12:00am Frankie Liszka's Blue Magic

12:00-1:00am The Beat


10am- U.S.P.A Annual Meeting  Ontario Room, Lower Level 

           Election of Officers    (Members Only) 

11am- Polka Mass Music by John Gora

12:30-1:15 Queen Pageant in the Ballroom

Ballroom Admission $25

2:00-2:45pm TNT

2:45-3:30pm John Gora & Gorale

3:30-4:15pm TNT

4:15-5:00pm John Gora & Gorale

5:00-5:30pm Color Guard Presentation of Arms

5:30-6:15pm TNT

6:15-7:00pm John Gora & Gorale

7:00-8:00pm PCM

8:00-9:00pm Polka Family

9:00-10:00pm PCM

10:00-11:00pm Polka Family

11:00-12:00am PCM

12:00-1:00am Polka Family

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See you next year!!!

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