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U.S.P.A. Contest Winners

"This will be the last contest for now - Good Luck to all."
March Contest Winner
Congratulations to-
Linda Malachin, Hartsville, Ohio
Winner of- Freezedried's "DeGeneration" CD
Trivia Question:
Who is Walter Jagiello, or what nickname is he known by?
Answer:   Lil' Wally
February Contest Winner
Congratulations to-
Judy Rosinski from NY
Winner of- Michael Costa & The Beat CD  "The Question"
Trivia Question:
Can you identify the following initialism?

All 3 must be correct to qualify.
January Contest Winner
Congratulations to-
Michael Pucowski
Winner of the CD "The O Family Album" by the Windy City Brass
Trivia Question:  Unscramble the letters KOSBERE to identify
a word associated with Polka music.
Answer:  Obereks
November Contest Winner
Congratulations to-
Big Joe Wieczorek
Winner of the Box On  Music Video- "Palooza" (on DVD)
Trivia Question:  Rick and Alicia Vinecki formed the amazing band
“Box On”.  Alicia previously played with The Polka Family
 Band. Rick also played with a band as a teenager, what was
 the name of his band? 
October Contest Winner
Congratulations to-
Diane Bichek Tucholski
Winner of 2 free admissions to the Polka Extravaganza Dance featuring
Polka Country Musicians & Polka Family Band on Nov. 10, 2018
Trivia Question:  Identify when & where the Polka Family Band was founded.
Answer:  1979   Chino, California
September Contest Winner
Congratulations to-
Mary Lou Brock
Winner of the Polka Country Musicians new CD "Live and Jam II"
 recorded live at the 2017 USPA Convention
Trivia Question:  The September challenge was to identify where and when PCM played their first gig. 
Answer: of Elks Club, Willimantic, CT - September 1977
August Contest Winner
Congratulations to-
Linda Niewierowski
Winner of a collection of CD's from the Dynabrass
Trivia Question: The August challenge was to unscramble the letters
S N U T E N O to identify a Polka Band?
Answer:  The NuTones
July Contest Winner
Congratulations to-
Michele Koutek from Towson, MD
Winner of a Freeze Dried CD "Degeneration"
Trivia Question: What polka contain the lyrics:
"And I think it's gonna be all right. Yeah, the worst is over now"
Answer:  The "Red Rubber Ball" Polka
June Contest Winner
Congratulations to-
Renda Pietrkiewicz- Manistee, MI
Winner of the Box On DVD "Palooza"
Trivia Question:  What was the total number of attendees
(Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) to the USPA 2018 Convention?
Renda guessed 2995 and the correct answer was 2998.
May Contest Winner
Congratulations to-
Basia Lynn-Oregon, OH
Winner of the latest CD "The Question" by Michael Costa & The Beat
Trivia Question:  What is the relevance of May 3, 1791 to Polish Heritage?
Answer:  Poland's Constitution
The Second Oldest Democratic Constitution in the World
First being the United States
April Contest Winner
Congratulations to -
Wally Dombrowski- Jewett, CT
The April challenge was to unscramble the letters
R T C N C I A O E N to correctly spell Concertina.
March Contest Winner
Congratulations to -
Jeff Tomczak- New Brighton, MN
Winner of Dynabrass CD Collection
Jeff's Answer was Mike Matousek
Other possibilities: Gus Guzevich, Ron Raskowski, Greg Guzevich, Kevin Kurdziel,
Matt Martin, Nathan Neuman, Billy Belina, Rick Rzeszutko and many more..
February Contest Winner
Congratulations to -

Irene Kazak, Brighton, MI.
Winner of Polka Family 3-CD Collection
Answer is Proud To Be Polish

January Contest Winner
Congratulations to-Michele Koutek from Towson, MD
Winner of PCM Ocean Beach Memorabilia Package
Answer is Oplatek
December Contest Winner
Congratulations to- Valerie Eisenman from Michigan
Winner of a Polka Family CD "Family and Friends at Christmas"

November Contest Winner

Trivia Question:   

In what City and State is the National Polish-American     

Sports Hall of Fame located?

Answer to the Trivia Question: National Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame

2975 E. Maple, Troy, MI 48083
Congratulations to- Johnetta Vinka from St. Clairsville, Ohio


October Contest Winner 

Trivia Question: 

In what song can these lyrics be found?
“Then they hear a rumble on the floor, it’s the big surprise they’re waiting’ 
for, and all the couples form a ring, and miles around you’ll hear them sing.”
Answer to the Trivia Question: "Beer BarrePolka"

Congratulations to-

Dale Cribbins from Manistel, Michigan


September Contest Winner
Answer to the Trivia Question: Doubleshot (John Stevens' Doubleshot Polka Band)
Congratulations to-
Lisa Koslosky from Pittsburg, PA
Winner of a Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push CD- "Save The Music"